The Kingdom of The Krasnals – pavilion at Venice Biennale 2011

We want to inform you, that  our country – The Kingdom of The Krasnals – will realize finally its own national pavilion at this year Venice Biennale 2011.
We decided to take this initiative now because the subject of ILLUMInations concerns deeply the situation of our Kingdom and our ART sector. As you probably know, social activity is fundamental for Dwarves and our country meets many problems in public and private sectors – both fully engaged in volunteering. And that’s why we want to show to the world our “Renessaince Dwarves Movement in Europe” Manifesto. Everything about Venice Biennale 2011 and aspects of our nation are published in this art magazine distributed for free.
We hope that art created in our country by our artists not only could exist on equal rights as other art world participants, but also put strong impact to important contemporary art debate.

The Krasnals blog:
Art Police Gazette – The Krasnals Art Magazine: 


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